William C. Burns & Associates


Applied Multivariate Statistics Capabilities:

Able to provide advanced expertise in the understanding and use of multivariate statistical techniques (multivariate regression, discriminant analysis, principle components analysis, canonical correlation, logistic regression, event history analysis, etc.).

Am sufficiently knowledgeable about the mathematical bases underlying the methods so that appropriate judgments can be made regarding the situations when the parameters of the data differ from the "assumptions" that were used by the mathematical statisticians when they derived the "sampling distribution" that is the core of the method. Sometimes "violating the mathematical assumptions" is an important flaw in the analysis and sometimes it is deliberate and necessary to achieve a correct result.


I have used these techniques for over 25 years on many different kinds of projects. I have consistently found that the sophisticated application of these methods can greatly enhance the usefulness of the information by clients because these methods bring together the many individual variables into a few basic dimensions that both simplify and strengthen the results. Simply "dumping" data into the computer programs that perform these analyses without understanding the idiosyncrasies of the analytical techniques being used can produce misleading or incorrect conclusions.

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